Important update!

Because of the current situation new lock down in Kyiv from from 20th March to 9th April. My exhibition will be later. On Monday I will know. will know.

Press release
Museum and Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art
Museum of the History of Kyiv
Olena Bandurka
present the exhibition
24.03.2021 – 06.04.2021

“36 installations” are 36 different ideas, separate worlds, symbolizing 36 years of the artist’s life. This is a new stage, a way to “flip” the personal calendar and start the next year of its existence in art.
Olena Bandurka works mainly in the style of eco-art. She is convinced that garbage sorting, recycling and responsible treatment of natural resources can make the world we live in better. “I like working in eco-art and other socially important genres. I am inspired by what is happening around us. Ideas come to me like lightning, but implementing them right away is not easy. I want to draw attention to such important issues as environmental protection and climate change. Using unusual materials in my work – wires, cardboard, putty, plastic, I can not only surprise, but also tell people in interesting language how important it is to preserve our ecology, “- says the artist.

The artist is also interested and inspired by the history of Ukraine, its past, customs and traditions. Therefore, a series of installations, “Hyperrealistic motanka”, will be presented at the exhibition. Motanka – a traditional doll, which has long served as a talisman in every Ukrainian family – protected family comfort, well-being and protection from evil forces. Olena Bandurka rethinks the sacred meaning and power of this symbol with the help of modern art.
To create the installations, Olena uses glass, textiles, threads, mouldings, dry plants and remnants of building materials. And she manages to combine such various forms and textures thanks to paints.
About the author:
Olena Bandurka is an artist who embodies her ideas in various genres and styles. Elena creates installations, conceptual photographs, abstract paintings, and sometimes works on clothing collections and jewellery. She studied at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Christie’s Education London. She has implemented many personal projects. She has also participated in group exhibitions, including the Berliner Liste (2017), the Leipzig Art Fair (2017), Brussel Art3f (2017), the Luxembourg Art Fair 2017 from Art3f, and Global Warming (Kyiv, 2018). .).

Kyiv, street B. Khmelnytsky, 7

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