Funny photographs

My portrait in my camera lens. In a playful mood, in a beautiful place. My funny photographs smoothly harmonize with the landscape design and the classic castle where the English king once stayed for a long time. Was made in great place Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt in Maastricht, Netherlands.

My portraits seem to convey the harmony of this place. Where the classics are friends with contemporary art. On the street, there are objects, bright elements of sculpture and installations, and age-old trees, under which I am like a little one in a hollow without a hollow.

This trip was to the Tefaf exhibition in Maastricht. Then I visited the Tefaf fair for the first time. She settled every day in different hotels with an exciting interior so that every time a new interior would be an unknown reason for filming. Of course, on this trip, I took certain accessories for filming with me. Props.
At Tefaf, I also attended a symposium, and I liked it there. It was interesting, as well as new meetings and new excellent acquaintances.
All the photos presented here are limited edition prints on acrylic glass 30-40, with the signature on the back.
Founded in March 2018. Maastricht, Netherlands. Tefaf.

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