I want world peace.
I am a modern Ukrainian artist.
And I woke up on February 23 from terrible strange sounds outside the window. Somewhere in the distance behind the forest, a ballistic missile exploded. I remember this fear. How scared I was. My teeth were chattering, this psychological attack that took me away from what I saw. I took my phone and started filming. And watched the huge explosion. Then a little later I stood near a huge window and looked into the distance, looking at what was around and saw something strange flying at our house, its headlight was on, then it was turned off and something disappeared. I shared my impressions and they told me that it could be a Russian drone. I want to see smiles on the faces of all passers-by. I want world peace. Because my foreign friends are also worried. My favourite Kharkiv, my favourite rich country is Ukraine. Nature is beautiful, people, as everywhere there is a lot of beauty and love. I send love from my heart to restore the world!!!!
You can all support the World! The National Bank of Ukraine has created a special account to support the Ukrainian army. I want to go home. I topped up their account. I want to see my loved ones alive!!!!!!!!
Please, help!!!! Thank you Your Elena Bandurka.


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