24 Febrary Russian attack on Ukraine

I am a contemporary Ukrainian artist.
I’m from Ukraine, I’m in Ukraine. My city is being bombed, the enemy is being wiped off the ground. I believe we will restore it. My beloved Ukraine, which constantly inspires me. I am creating a profile to raise money and help Ukraine somehow. Please help, this is our common goal, World. There will be peace in Ukraine, there will be peace everywhere. Ukrainians are a brave person, united, united, everyone helps. We believe in Peace. Today, for the 2nd day in a row, I am hiding basements with my family. It’s not so scary anymore. Keeps the feeling that something needs to be done for the World. In December 2020, dreaming of Art Basel Unlimited, I created a project inspired by the Ukrainian Motanka charm doll. I created Hypersealistic Motanka. I put the same mystical meaning into them, to protect and protect Ukraine, and the size is increased than traditionally, in order to cope with the volume and so that they have strength. I believe in Peace and Pray. I love Ukraine and I love Ukrainians. They are inspirers, history, traditions, strength, faith, mutual assistance. Please, if you want to support Ukraine, here is a link to the site where everything is described, how you can replenish your account for help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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