From Ukraine with Love and Peace

Like the colors of Ukraine. My country, my love, my inspiration. The photo was taken after I left Ukraine for Spain. Being in Spain with the hope for peace in Ukraine and a happy future.

Despite the sometimes strange mood, the best option is to work, and then there will be no time for depression. But you read the news and think about when it will be possible to return, how we will restore the economy, and what to do now. What to do to be in a harmonious balance. Life goes on, there are sports and walks, they produce endorphins, hormones of joy. And then you look with positivity and hope, yes, the building was blown up again, yes, I no longer have a 200m2 office, yes, time must be taken into account to the court for damages, but there is no income as before. But there is hope and faith in the good!!!! And I also want to go home, for a community workday, to clean and decorate my city. Put your country in order together with other people, together we are super strong!

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