The photo was taken in the Kharkiv region

The photo was taken in the Kharkiv region, which is now protected by my friend in one of the battalions and they need our help. I made a donation to them, but unfortunately, because my business in Kharkiv and Kyiv does not work, I am activating fundraising through the sale of my works. I used to be more calm and slow in marketing my art. But with the war, a desire opened up every day to make efforts to market their art. And I believe that I will succeed and raise money for one of the Kharkiv battalions and collect the necessary things. For example, I am currently temporarily in Spain, so I can send parcels from here. And the work was already sent to America from Spain.

This photo is the part of my project that I showed before, “Inspired by Opera”

The phantom of the opera lives among us. It could be he or she. In my opinion, even she is more interested in this mysterious way. Her smooth hands are in harmony with the shading appearance of the mask in her reflection. She is playful, athletic, modern, and thus attractive. She has an exciting life position, has goals. The phantom of the opera is here In my mind. Artist Elena Bandurka made this photo in September 2020 in Ukraine. All photos can use the available bee print on acrylic glass in the limited edition version. 

Also, we need to do the restoration this area, where I took these photos in 2020. This place is closer to the border with Russia near Kharkiv. And a few shells arrived there. Miraculously, the wooden buildings did not burn down. The windows were broken everywhere and the gazebo collapsed. I wrote earlier. I am an artist temporarily relocated to a safe place. I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I believe that the war will end soon and it will be possible to return home. Near Kharkiv, there are many of my sculptures in the warehouse where the windows are broken. I hope they are whole. I dried them with my soul. I got an inspiration, an idea. But I also have a lot of ideas and I want to implement them as soon as possible and show them at the next exhibition. Thank you for your attention!

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