Kvitka – Ivana Kupala

This work of Kvitka – Ivana Kupala, as a tribute to the traditions of Svavyan.
Once I developed a singing career and made a video on the theme of the mysterious holiday of Ivan Kupala. I prepared everything myself for filming: videos, costumes, model casting, choice of locations, booking of vehicles and equipment, and all agreements with all the actors. And this installation contains requisites used for shooting video, as well as one of the works or next should still be a dress. A stand next to a tablet with headphones and twist this video that comes with the link. This is such a smart installation, with which you can unusually get acquainted with the traditions of Slovian.

Ivana Kupala (Ivanov Day, Kupala Night) is a folk festival of Eastern Slavs dedicated to the summer solstice and the highest flowering of nature and celebrated on June 24 (July 7). By the time of the celebration coincides with the Christian holiday of the Nativity of John the Baptist. In the calendar, the cycle is symmetrical to Christmas (Kolyade).

The night before the holiday surpasses the day of Ivana Kupala in its ritual content.
Kupala wreath was an essential attribute of merrymaking. Before the holiday, it was made of wild herbs and flowers. The ritual use of the Kupala wreath is also associated with the magical interpretation of its form, bringing the wreath together with other objects that are round and with holes (ring, hoop, roll, etc.). The customs of milking or filtering milk through it are based on these signs of a wreath, crawling through and pushing something through the wreath, looking, pouring, drinking, washing through it.

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