Thoughts during the air siren Kharkiv, Ukraine

I am in Kharkiv, at home. I arrived about 2 weeks ago. Yes, sometimes it’s scary. So I decided to describe how it was very loud today. My windows were shaking from several explosions somewhere, I don’t know where, but the windows rattled so much, I was between 2 walls, in a small dressing room, in a closet, one might say, in a shelter, and waited with fear what to expect next.

At this moment, you think about life, turn on the prayer, and begin to pray. As I am at home every evening I pray for protection. And the city lives. Military Kharkov lives. Feel life even more. I want to dress beautifully and have my favourite things in the wardrobe. The happy day you go out. I have to work at home that is intact and ready to ship for sale. Our delivery works anywhere in the world, and I also have the inspiration to work and create new works, despite the explosions. I live a whole life. I just don’t really go anywhere. Buying work from Military Kharkov is an investment in the future of contemporary art, it’s like when the history of contemporary art was laid in Berlin during the war, where we were taken around the museum in Berlin and talked about creativity during the war. Part of the proceeds will go to the Victory of Ukraine over the Country of the Terrorist! Thank you for your support! There are different jobs and different prices and you can always agree, especially now.
There was just an air raid alert!
Thanks, Universe for Life!

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