Lacky Knitted tapestry

Knitted sewn habile from the city of Hero Kharkiv. The tapestry is made in an Eco theme from previously used knitted items. This is the embodiment of my wild fantasy to use the freedom of choice of materials for professional artistic practice. The work from Military Kharkov is a fine art that survived under the shelling of Russian Fighters in the hot months of February and March 2022. This is the history of Ukrainian art, my contribution to history. Work with a certificate signed by the author. At the moment, I have returned from the evacuation to my house in the city of Kharkiv. I hear explosions from time to time, but I’m not so afraid of them anymore. Scary only those that explode nearby. My business is destroyed in Kharkiv. And I go further in realizing myself even more as a professional artist. Thank you for your support. I’m alive! Recently there was an arrival next to a neighboring househabile, the car burned down, and at that moment I went out onto the balcony to see what kind of sounds, which was very scary. But this is only a terrible sound, and all this can be experienced and I find the strength in myself to work further, and create new works, I am alive and want to live!

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