Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden,
The work was written to the sound of sirens and explosions. I express all my positive emotions on the canvas, live life to the fullest, and breathe. There is a surge of feelings on this canvas, a sense of life to the fullest. Harmonization in collision colors and in space. Vibrations of wondrous energy of emotions, a rich palette of the joy of life, happiness.
For safety and due to the fact that in the evening I can turn on the normal light in the corridor, I arranged for myself a sleeping place and a studio in the corridor. I have many more ideas and I live, explosions are not so scary anymore. But now I sat down to write a description of the work and the windows vibrated very loudly, I have not heard anything like this. But still, the city lives and comes to life. And I, as before, want even more of my realization in art, as if I casually found the channel and I write even more animated. I am happy at home, I write, I realize myself. And thanks for your support.

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