Air tapestry

I wove a tapestry as I returned home to the front-line city of Kharkiv, which is constantly under fire. At home, I felt that I wanted to implement the ideas I had come up with earlier, I wanted to create something new, and the sounds of sirens and explosions did not bother me anymore. Created by the sound of sirens and explosions. Combining bright particles of yarn and thread, I imprint my positive attitude, I live a full life, I breathe. This work is one of the sari of my knitted tapestries, a modern interpretation of the carpet tapestries that used to be hung on the wall, let my bright tapestries reveal bright emotions, you can stay longer on to look at them and think about what emotions they evoke, let their unusualness fulfil desires, cause a surge of feelings, a feeling of life to the fullest. Harmonization in colours and space. Vibrations of the wondrous energy of feelings, a rich palette of the joy of life, happiness
And as before, I want even more of my realization in art; I am happy at home, I write, I realize myself. And thanks for your support.

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