Structural tapestry

Structural tapestry, my interpretation of contemporary, traditional Ukrainian folk art.
I saw the idea and the visual form of the sculpture as a picture in my imagination just the other day, and I immediately wanted to try to implement it, because. I don’t always fully understand how in the process it will be possible to realize what was conceived. This tapestry differs from others in that it has a form, a small volume created from wooden sticks and wire. And then the usual textiles. This tapestry is part of the project on my idea before the war, I continue to implement my ideas old and new. My arrival home gives me new strength and ideas. Despite the danger of living in a frontline city. My new tapestry is a modern interpretation of classic tapestries and carpets on the wall. This is a bright accent to the wall. This is my implementation in my favorite ecological art style. where there is freedom and I want to remind you, as always, about the global problem in ecology and that our small actions eventually create a big job to protect and preserve our ecology

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