Shot spring

I did a photo session of a neighbour in my bombed-out office in a studio in Kharkiv. My idea is to show that despite the shelling of the city, we live, experience different feelings, manage to find inspiration, and fall in love with life again and again. Take real feelings and emotions from life here and now. Yes, I was saddened by the arrival of a bomb on the roof of the house where I had a business, but this allowed me to go further, to search and work on releasing my art even more. I love art and life without it is boring for me. Soon I will implement some of my new ideas. They are also the same as unusual, not standard. And our life is not standard. Either the light is turned off and the water is turned off in the city by the arrival of rockets, or explosions are heard somewhere. Then somewhere they have listened closer. I saw the explosion before my own eyes. I saw the flight of a rocket, it is very bright when it flies close and visually past or above you. These are very vivid impressions that give such a recharge and cheerfulness. Very much. But I’m no longer afraid. I will live long and long. And many more ideas to implement. Thank you for supporting Ukraine and buying my art on Artsy and other accounts where I post my work for sale.

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