My name is Elena Bandurka, I am a contemporary artist-scientist. A major focus of mine is the development of the Eco theme with the help of art. And I also find the mixture of Ukrainian traditions and history interesting as a work’s subject in my art installations and sculptures.

My city Kharkiv is being destroyed, and Russia attacked my country. And through fear and crying, I find the strength to do something to unite and help Ukraine. I can provide my photo work inspired by my country and people for 100% sale to charity. Unfortunately, my installations are now in a warehouse in a dangerous area, and photos are available in good quality.

On the 24th in the morning I woke up at 5 am from a terrible strange sound, it was the sound of an explosion of a ballistic rocket, I trembled, it’s so scary. I managed to record a video.

Now we sometimes hide in the basement. Yesterday my office was destroyed in the city centre, thank God the neighbours are alive, and the property will be restored by court order. This is solvable. The main thing is the life that I want to support and help.

Thanks to. I want to be useful, from the heart’s purity and fortitude.

Sincerely, Elena


We have a rich history in Ukraine and a legacy that inspires me. I am inspired by my people and my country. We have beautiful land. I love my country. Let there be Peace. We welcome foreign guests, it is always interesting to exchange experience and information. I believe we will be able to restore our country even more beautiful than it was. Historic buildings will be closer to the original, and not beautiful after the union, modern, beautiful houses will appear in their place. People will be happy on this earth. Happiness vibrates here from the bowels of the earth. I like how the Ukrainians are now united, and with Trust, we have even more strength.
Peace to all! Good Mind! Clarity and happiness!




Eco friendly

I love freedom.
I am inspired by everything.
I enjoy working with many materials.
They can be inexperienced in different ways. Many ideas and make everything come true.


I love creating modern classic photos. It happens with light erotic overtones or with tenderness. There is one project with me. Personally, it is continuously updated. I’ll post it soon. Limited edition prints are available for sale. If you are interested, write to me. Also, current prices are available online at prestigious online galleries in the world.


Contemporary art in my understanding. I will introduce you to my work with pleasure. Stay in touch. I will publish more and more soon. And also I will announce the next exhibitions.

And also you can found more information and pictures of my art on my blog page.

Special Edition on Berliner Liste 2017

About Us

Elena Bandurka Contemporary Ukrainian artist , photographer , creator of cool ideas , traveler .

More About My self and my Art

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Important update!

Because of the new lock down in Kiev from from 20th March to 9th April. My exhibition will be later. On Monday I will know.

Museum and Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art
Museum of the History of Kyiv
Olena Bandurka
present the exhibition
13.05.2021 – 25.05.2021

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