Illusion, deception for the eyes, distortion of reality, delusion, deception of the senses, what a mysterious euphoria. Wake up in the morning and like in a cage. Something seeming is a distortion of the vision of the real world.

Pareidolic illusions or pareidolia (from the Greek para – about and eidolons – image) are visual illusions that arise when examining the configurations of lines (patterns), shadows, colours of various objects or surfaces in which these natural objects undergo a bizarrely fantastic transformation: in drawings wallpaper, the glare of light on the walls, clouds in the sky, patients begin to see unusual, sometimes exotic plants, animals, people, scenes of various contents. Sometimes these images seem to come to life, begin to transform, which is perceived as their movement or the development of a particular plot (patients who previously endured such conditions, when faced with them again, call them “cartoons”). Pareidolias arise involuntarily (apart from the will). Usually, they are little associated with any effect and do not disappear when attention is focused on the perception of those objects (patterns, etc.), based on which they develop.

Photos made during Arco Madrid 2016 in Silken Puerto Amerika Madrid

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