Portrait 10 second

My series was made at different times. It has a unifying factor. I started taking pictures of myself when I began to fly more often as a visitor to exhibitions and art fairs of the world more and more often. I decided to record myself on these trips. I was inspired by portrait classics a bit in the style of erotica when there are no open parts of the body, but there is a question about this, there is a guess. And just recently I realized that I have an association with the classic portraits in hotel rooms, but the difference is there with breakfast, and I often have photos in the bathroom and everywhere. These are my self-portraits, they came out, thanks to the 10-second camera functions. I am a modern Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv Ukraine. And we have a beautiful city, a beautiful country, I am inspired by the history and nature of my country and create more and more bright works. 2 works related to the Ukrainian tradition were visited at the Museum of the History of Kyiv in 2021 in May after my personal exhibition “36 installations”.
Thank you for your attention to my work. Peace for everyone! My love in the heart gives birth to abundant karma!

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