Coccothraustes in the Poltava region

I met this sympathetic bird in the Poltava region, where I rested in nature and where I could hear the silence and birdsong and enjoy nature and silence. I like to watch birds and take pictures, sometimes they fly very fast and it is difficult for me to catch their movement. The camera is heavy and I need to have time to focus on it. It’s better to sit back and wait.

The very name of this small, pretty bird, the grosbeak (lat. Coccothraustes coccothraustes), indicates its distinctive feature – a thick, strong cone-shaped beak. Its characteristic structure enables birds to split hard fruits of oak, hazel, cherry, sweet cherry, and cherry plum without much effort. Therefore, grosbeaks usually settle near gardens, and parks, where there is something to eat. In addition, the bird deftly wields its powerful beak in fields sown with corn or sunflowers. He loves seeds, but sometimes eats insects.

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