Gymnast. Inspired by an acquaintance once with a gymnast from Kharkiv. Creative, interesting free personality. Open, easy, fun! It was interesting to capture her in the photo to observe her smooth movements and learn by herself. I even tried to turn around and control my body on canvases.

A Ukrainian gymnast who has travelled to many countries as part of a circus troupe in order to save up for her own studio in her city of Kharkiv, where it is cosy, and friends and family.

I have been attracted to this art for a long time, they are so deftly making the elements on canvases with their bodies and bold, and their hands are inflated, I tried it, it’s difficult the first time, even to make some kind of light element. Light, it seems at first from the side. And the body of aerialists seems weightless when performing tricks. I am always impressed by them and I want to shoot them and catch their unique moments with my camera.

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