“Hyperplastic Motanka” project

Elena Bandurka


Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric) Plastic Paper.

It is a unique work.

Its project of large installations with many sculptures.

 Its “hyperplastic Motanka” project, a traditional doll from ancient times. Motanka is a traditional doll that protects both the house and the child with its positive energy. I like to study and delve into history. Inspired by this part of the history of my country, Ukraine, I got the idea to create a full-length motanka sculpture. Let it be even more powerful energetically than small and more noticeable. This project is also eco friendly. These dolls-sculptures made from scrap materials that have become unnecessary at home and these are different clothes, plastic, polyethene, cardboard, etc. It is an ecological project for which, to create it, I bought only adhesive tape in the store, I found everything else at home and in an art studio, which was recycled to cleanse our planet of pollution.

This work carries a positive paired energy, motanka sculptures are lovers—love, peace and goodness. Love will save the world! Let everyone enjoy this wonderful feeling.

It is made at the end of 2020 December.

I plan to make an exhibition with my Sculptures to show them in the best ways. I’m looking now where I can do presentations.

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