My Beautiful Ukraine in Peace

It was a long time ago. I found my old photos from the Repin Plein Air in the archive. It was in the museum of the estate of the Artist Repin.

I hope the museum is intact after the bombing of Russia on February 24, 2022. We have a rich history in Ukraine and a legacy that inspires me. I am inspired by my people and my country. We have a beautiful land. I love my country. Let there be Peace. We welcome foreign guests, it is always interesting to exchange experience and information.

I believe we will be able to restore our country even more beautiful than it was. Historic buildings will be closer to the original, and not beautiful after the union, modern, beautiful houses will appear in their place. People will be happy on this earth. Happiness vibrates here from the bowels of the earth. I like how the Ukrainians are now united, and with Vera we have even more strength.

Peace to all! Good Mind! Clarity and happiness!

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